Back to homeschool

The back to school frenzy seems to start earlier every year. Here we are, not even done with the first week of August, and the back to school sales, articles, and advice are coming fast and furious. Hence, my reblog of a piece I wrote a while back, on what “back to school” means to homeschoolers.

A Potluck Life

It’s the middle of August, and summer is winding down. September looms, and with it the beginning of the school year. Just what does “back to school” mean for homeschoolers?

There isn’t one answer to that question. All homeschooling families are different. And one of the great benefits of homeschooling is that we’re not bound to academic calendars that rule the lives of families with kids in school.

That’s how I envisioned it, anyway. It hasn’t exactly worked out that way. My kids may not be heading to school every morning come September, but what we call our “year” will start. It’s time to gear up for dance classes, orchestra, chorus, and writing group. It’s time to decide whether we’re going to add any of the other amazing offerings available to us – nature classes or math club. Or perhaps this year my daughter will take her first community college…

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