Do I read blogs? Sometimes. Do I follow any? A few. The truth is, I’d rather curl up with an old-fashioned book. Yes, I am of that generation. Still, I have a Kindle and like it, and I spend plenty of time on the computer. Like everyone else, I pick and choose, constructing my life with what’s available, and for the most part, I feel grateful for the choices.

That doesn’t mean I always appreciate the bombardment of information, commentary, advertising, and propaganda that being connected presents me with on a daily basis. All those ingredients can lead to a veritable stew of confusion.

Sometimes, though, they come together just right. Whether in a slow simmer, an explosive boil, or a quick sear, when we aren’t afraid to throw what we find into the pan, clarity, inspiration, and understanding can come.

Here’s to potluck.


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  1. Good job in your post “Is socialization overrated?” Most of the folks who wonder/worry about homeschool socialization are so deeply socialized/conformed by their institutional upbringing that they cannot think very far out of it. They have forgotten that the history of humankind has been largely via parent-led home-based education of the next generation. They also forget that there is not a whole lot to brag about in general US society today after about 120 years of the large majority of Americans being brought up in peer-segregated, institutional, expert-run schooling.

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