Do I read blogs? Sometimes. Do I follow any? A few. The truth is, I’d rather curl up with an old-fashioned book. Yes, I am of that generation. Still, I have a Kindle and like it, and I spend plenty of time on the computer. Like everyone else, I pick and choose, constructing my life with what’s available, and for the most part, I feel grateful for the choices. That doesn’t mean I always appreciate the bombardment of information, commentary, advertising, and propaganda that being connected presents me with on a daily basis. All those ingredients can lead to a veritable stew of confusion. Sometimes, though, they come together just right. Whether in a slow simmer, an explosive boil, or a quick sear, when we aren’t afraid to throw what we find into the pan, clarity, inspiration, and understanding can come. Here’s to potluck.

Milva McDonald is the mother of four adult children, all of whom homeschooled for all or most of their child and teenage years. She started homeschooling in 1991, after reading an essay by John Taylor Gatto and realizing school and the PTA weren’t for her. For three decades she worked for The Boston Globe and boston.com writing and reporting about arts and cultural events in Boston. Other pursuits over the years included running a folk music coffeehouse, organizing countless field trips, facilitating creative writing groups for kids, passing hors d’oeuvres at fancy parties, and performing in The Christmas Revels and The Halalisa Singers. She’s a founder of Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts and serves on its Board of Directors. Her books include “Unschoolers” and “Slow Homeschooling.”



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  1. Good job in your post “Is socialization overrated?” Most of the folks who wonder/worry about homeschool socialization are so deeply socialized/conformed by their institutional upbringing that they cannot think very far out of it. They have forgotten that the history of humankind has been largely via parent-led home-based education of the next generation. They also forget that there is not a whole lot to brag about in general US society today after about 120 years of the large majority of Americans being brought up in peer-segregated, institutional, expert-run schooling.

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