‘Unschoolers’ in the news

We’ve been getting some great feedback since Unschoolers came out on March 30. First, Patrick Farenga mentioned us in a nice review of fiction inspired by unschooling and John Holt specifically. Then we chatted with Kristen Tea for a piece in Mothering. Michelle Ristuccia wrote a great review for the summer issue of Learning Tangent. Sophia and I discussed slow living and homeschooling, a way of life depicted in the book, on an episode of For the Love of Learning. We also got to talk about writing the book and the homeschooling lifestyle with Linda Ugelow on her show Women Inspired. Video is below, have a look! I hope, dear readers, that you’ll check out the book. Thanks in advance if you feel moved to write an honest review in any online forum. Happy unschooling!


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