‘Unschoolers’ launch day

Dear Readers,

My co-author Sophia Sayigh and I have been working on Unschoolers for a while and I’m delighted to announce that it’s available now.


Visit our website for various ways you can purchase the book in e-book and paperback formats. I hope you’ll consider spreading the word among your friends in conversation, on e-lists, or via social media.  Perhaps you’ll even feel moved to rate the book or write a review.

I welcome direct communication, too. Drop me a line and let me know what you think! Thanks, as always!


2 thoughts on “‘Unschoolers’ launch day

  1. My wife ordered “The Book of Enoch”. What came in the mail was an “Unschoolers” book cover with the Book of Enoch in it. Any ideas how or why?
    “Unschoolers” sounds like a great book. Maybe someday we will get it.(We did homeschooling with our children, too. They all turned out very well.)


    1. Hi Rodger–Wow, that’s interesting. Are you saying the book your wife ordered had our cover on it? Did your wife order it from Amazon? Let me know, I’d love to look into it. Thanks! Milva


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