Homeschooling during COVID-19? Don’t worry

Yesterday a social media friend shared an installment of the web series his two young daughters are creating. It warmed my heart, and reminded me of similar exploits undertaken by my own kids. In our slow homeschooling lifestyle, brainstorming, scripting, acting, and filming a web series is the kind of thing they had plenty of… Read More Homeschooling during COVID-19? Don’t worry

Why I’m giving up on ‘self-directed’

self-directed: making your own decisions and organizing your own work rather than being told what to do by managers, teachers, etc. — Cambridge Dictionary Language is like a living organism, growing, changing, and evolving over time. Sometimes I feel like these days, that process of language shifting happens all the more rapidly, reflecting the ultra-fast… Read More Why I’m giving up on ‘self-directed’